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As a rule of thumb in the volleyball world, hitting percentages mean less for younger players and start to mean more the older a player gets. This means that an older and more experienced player is expected to have a good hitting percentage with minimal errors. Younger players have time to grow and develop better hitting strategies and skills.

How Do You Calculate Hitting Percentage in Volleyball?

Follow Us: Calculate hitting percentage in volleyball by subtracting the total number of hitting errors from the total number of kills and dividing that by the total number of attack attempts. Hitting percentage is used to evaluate how effective a hitter is over a given span of games. Add up attack attempts and errors.

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Hitting percentage essentially weighs a player or team's balance between kills, which by definition result in points, and hitting errors, which lose you points. Poor efficiency, in terms of hitting a lot of balls that can be played by the opponent, serves to dilute a player or team's percentage.

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In any discussion of volleyball statistics, hitting efficiency always appears as one of the most important stats. Most of us should know hitting efficiency as (kills-errors)/attempts or “kill percentage minus error percentage.” From a macro-view, hitting efficiency appears to be a pretty important statistic.

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Hitting Percentage (Kills - Errors) / Attempts The hitting percentage is the total game (season) kills, less any hitting errors, divided by the total hitting attempts during the game (season). K% Kill Percentage: Kills / Attempts The total kills divided by the total hitting attempts for the game (season). ATT: Attack Attempts

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Hitting Percentage – This is a column (PCT) on the box score stats sheet in volleyball. The attack percentage is calculated by taking your kills, subtracting your errors, then dividing that number by your total attempts. So (K-E)/TA=PCT. Learn all about hitting percentage here.

How do you calculate hitting percentage in volleyball? - Answers

(kills - errors) / attempts. I.e. If someone has 4 kills and 1 error in 10 total attempts, the hitting percentage would be: (4-1)/10, or 0.300.

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Hitting percentage is calculated by taking the total amount of kills, subtracting the hitting errors, and dividing that number by the total number of attempts. For example, just type in .265. 4) Volleyball Performance Index: A composite score of electronically-validated tests measuring standing vertical jump, arm swing velocity, height of attack, two-handed block touch, pro-agility and acceleration.